Business Strategy & Planning


Game Plan

Comprehensive Business Strategy

If you are looking to attract investors, build a board of advisors or test the waters for an acquisition, you’ll want a more in-depth report of your business. In addition to an extensive survey of your current business practices, we conduct a comprehensive industry analysis to judiciously highlight your strengths and assets in relation to your competitors and in the spectrum of the industry as a whole. With our experience on both sides of the business plan (we have both presented plans for review and reviewed plans being presented), we have a good understanding of what makes a strong impression- both good and bad.

Financial Modeling

We work with management to identify and articulate the core revenue streams of the business, identify the key drivers and assumptions that underlay those revenue streams and develop a financial model that allows management to evaluate the potential revenues and costs associated with various growth trajectories.

This modeling is unique because we simplify the unknowns into a handful of assumptions that are easy to manipulate as we learn more about your business and your market, generating updated projections based on the new knowledge with just a few clicks.