Agile Business Canvas


Agile Business Canvas

We start with a blank business canvas, which serves as the framework to navigate us through an interactive brainstorming session to define where you are in the process now and where you are headed. At the end of the session, you will have a clear understanding of your current processes and objectives, and a tangible single page that visually depicts your route moving forward.

The business canvas is an agile business modeling tool that helps a company’s management team describe the rationale of how the company will create, deliver and capture value through an analysis of nine basic building blocks that provides a blueprint for the four main areas of any business: its customers, its offering of products and services, infrastructure and financial viability. The agility of this canvas makes it quick to create and easy to change. That way, when situations change or you learn new information about your industry, we can turn back to that one page and quickly make changes, creating a storyline for your business and keeping you on track.

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