Raising Capital


Raise Capital

Raising capital is one of the most challenging aspects of starting and growing a business.

Finding an investor that shares the vision, has the interest and will commit the capital takes time and energy.

The first step to minimize the stress involved in this process is to compile a strong and compelling business plan and due diligence materials that inspires confidence and entices potential investors. Along with a comprehensive industry and competitive analysis, this plan should incorporate a detailed and realistic financial model that identifies the capital requirements and outlines how the business plans to grow and what the investor can expect as a return.

We can help develop and hone these materials to make the most of every potential investor interaction. With our decades of experience advising companies on raising capital, we can provide advice and recommendations on where to look for investors, what questions to ask and what information to share. We manage the negotiation process, pre-qualifying potential investors to save you time and stress. When it’s time to say “I do”, our qualified lawyers file the transaction with the Securities Exchange Commission and ensure you, your investor and your business are in compliance and proper documentation is in place.