General Counsel Services



Our General Counsel Services provide high quality, cost-effective legal services to growth-oriented start-ups, entrepreneurs and emerging companies that value the collaborative, hands-on approach that larger companies can take advantage of by hiring their own “in-house” lawyer. We believe this approach provides significant benefits over the standard hourly billing model:

  • Hourly based billing can be a barrier to effective and timely communication. Knowing that the “meter’s running” can dissuade clients from making a timely call, or from sharing all of the information necessary to make an informed decision.
  • It’s difficult for clients to budget services provided by the hour. It’s hard for businesses to predict when they might need legal services, and the most costly services (litigation and major transactions, like an acquisition, for example) are the most difficult to predict and budget for.
  • Hourly billing does not engender the types of trusted, collaborative relationships that can provide real value to clients. An attorney that understands your business intimately can do a much better job of advising you of potential business and legal risks. Larger companies can do this by bringing a lawyer in-house, which isn’t an option for smaller businesses.
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