Business Brokering

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As business strategy professionals, we do much more than just advertise your business to potential buyers. We start by taking a close look at where your business is today. We conduct a thorough industry analysis and dissect your business within this environment to determine its value. Our business brokering process may include creating or updating a comprehensive business plan and generating a financial model that depicts the company in its best true light. We then offer our analysis and recommended course of action based on your ultimate goals for the business.

When it is time to sell the business, we will research potential buyers, prepare material to distribute, and qualify and monitor interested parties on your behalf. With a strong understanding of the strengths and struggles of the business, we are able to intelligently and confidently portray this information to ensure the best outcome for you. Having an intermediary in these transactions takes stress off of both parties, and allows the negotiations to flow more objectively and openly.

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