Free Vector Advisors was founded to assist small- and mid-sized businesses to recognize their full market potential. Our methodology places a heavy emphasis on strategic planning, market and financial analysis and strong execution to help its clients meet their business objectives.

Our philosophy differs from other business advisory firms that tend to focus on an idealized end result, without a firm grasp of a client’s current capabilities, market position and resources. Successful business planning requires a thorough understanding of two points – the company’s current state of business, and a well-defined strategic vision. 

The company subscribes to the “science” of developing successful businesses – as well as developing the “soft skills” of business owners and management to achieve their defined vision, goals and objectives. Physics concepts such as inertia, force and momentum can be equally applied to achieve intended business trajectories. The planning process creates the vector between the company’s current business and its strategic vision. This vector describes the force (investment of time and/or money) driving the momentum (how the business is moving forward) required to execute the trajectory (growth strategy) defined by the business plan.

Our methodology typically involves the following four phases: 


An assessment of a company’s current capabilities, market position, resources and historical performance to establish a firm baseline.

An envisioning which involves a thorough analysis of the market, competition, industry trends, ownership/management’s ambitions and available resources to define a long-term (3-5 year) strategic vision.

Planning which breaks down the long-term strategic vision into manageable annual, quarterly and monthly objectives, including the development of a comprehensive business, sales and financial plan and personal action plans for management.

Ongoing mentoring and support including ongoing reviews of progress against the business plan and personal action plans, and “soft skills” training to build better leadership, influence, negotiation and management skills for key management and staff.

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